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Top 3 Condo Rental In Puerto Rico And Why

What makes you ponder when you first think of staying at a resort, that is in Puerto Rico? Is it the peace and tranquility? Or maybe the soothing atmosphere it has to offer with lush greenery and pale blue water. Puerto Rico is one of the world’s premier vacationing spots for a number of reasons.

Puerto Rico is considered by many to be the melting pot of varying cultures, history, sceneries, warm people, attractions and other fascinating features and details that you have to see with your own eyes to believe. 

Explore the Natural Beauty

Puerto Rico is known for its encapsulating biodiversity. It has over 36 natural reserves, 19 state forests, and five wildlife refuges in which visitors would want nothing more than to travel around the island and witness some of Mother Nature’s finest work firsthand. The city is also known for its 300 marvelous beaches that spread over 272 miles of the coastline.  

Vast Cultural Diversity

The massive vibrant culture consists of Africans, Spaniards, and the indigenous Taino’s. This beautiful amalgamation of cultures is reflected in the island’s spirited art, colonial architecture, dynamic music and powerful literature. Dance and music are a constant and many enjoy the traditional sounds of plena, bomba and the décima as well as the urban reggaetón, or maybe a fusion of both. 

Delicious Cuisine

Whether you’re a picky eater or a foodie at heart, you’ll find no shortage of food varieties. That’s because the cuisine around that area is known for three things: diverse, familiar and complex.  If there was one criticism to had for the local food is that a great deal of it is deep fried. You literally can go into some restaurants and everything on the menu is fried.

But one of my favorite things is a local delicacy called lechon, basically, roasted pig, but an entire pig. Then you have the special side dishes to go along with the pig, such as one of my favorites, blood sausage. I know, I know, sounds awful, but trust me, it’s something you must try. If you can find a condo rental in Puerto Rico near a lechon place, jump on it! Otherwise, you end up driving long distances to find a good lechon place.

Thrilling Adventures

The island is a hot spot for the most passionate of adventurers from around the world. The distinct typography and tropical weather are what make the island the ideal setting for extraordinary adventures.  It’s actually quite a large island, which means finding a cheap car rental is a must, because if you really want to do some exploring, you’re going to need to do some driving.

Condo Rental in Puerto Rico

Whatever it may be, we want you to be aware of the three best Condo Rental Resorts in Puerto Rico and they are as follows:

modern condo rental in puerto rico
Modern Condo Building in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Sea View Villas

Firstly, you might’ve heard of this one and it is known as the Sea View Villas which is located on top of the Palisades bluffs and this is by far the most well-known resort in Puerto Rico. It has over 27 luxurious apartment homes that have been built to condominium-like specifications that has been greatly considered. 

Every residence that you find here will offer you a design that is both open and spacious that comes with its own floor-to-ceiling glass windows as well as an expansive terrace that gives you a good view of the coast. With only a couple of homes, the Sea View Villas excels at providing vacationers and residents with only the most exclusive of amenities and services that scream serenity and privacy. 

Each room in the Sea View Villas offers free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and an access to a garden complete with a terrace. Every unit comes with a fully equipped kitchen, a patio, a fireplace, a microwave, and a private bathroom with a shower and a hair dryer. 

Dorado Beach

Next is the Dorado Beach where you will be offered rental rooms right on the beach with balcony view for the introverts out there who are in search for peace and solitude while enjoying the aroma of the beach. You’ll also be enjoying the wild ginger aroma when you visit the spa, polish your golf swing on a Robert Trent Jones, Sr. masterpiece, or possibly even share the vast wonders of tide pools.  Honestly, if you can find a condo rental in Puerto Rico, Dorado Beach is going to make you very, very happy.

Resting right on the luxurious and lush coastline, the Dorado Beach combines the enormous natural setting of the island as well as the richness of its half-century heritage into an exquisite Caribbean beach resort that was specifically designed to be explored and treasured for a lifetime. Things have suddenly turned for the better ever since the place went from being a plantation to a private retreat that was inspired by the legacy of its original developer, Laurance S. Rockefeller.

Dorado got its name from the golden sands of the coastline, which is pretty convenient since Dorado translates to “golden.”

Condado Lagoon Villas

Lastly, Condado Lagoon Villas is a condo rental in Puerto Rico with a rating of 4.1/5 on Expedia and this is the most luxurious rental out of all as you have access to your private pool with a view of the public beach right behind. Not just this, Condado Lagoon Villas even has the most superlative services a rental resort can offer which ranges from from free Wi-Fi, Cable Television, Private Shower Rooms, Bars/Lounges to housekeeping available once per stay. Every room comes with complimentary temperature control, a dining area, and a laptop-sized safe. The rooms also come with a kitchen that includes a dishwasher and a microwave. And bathroom facilities like a hairdryer, bath sheets and guest toiletries are offered to guests. 

You can also help yourself to the wonderful sights of the Santurce POP and Old San Juan that are located nearby. The resort is located 2 km away from the center of San Juan. Guests can dine out in Pikayo and Lemon Grass, which are 150 meters away. 

And the fact that it’s next to San Juan is a huge plus in and of itself. The reason why that is the case is because San Juan is perhaps the most important seaport, but is also the island’s financial, tourism, cultural and manufacturing center. Speaking of tourism, the capital features a large assortment of museums, hotels, beaches, restaurants and shopping centers. 

San Juan is especially the birthplace of artists and musicians that are locally known as Sanjuaneros that were responsible for influencing the Puerto Rican culture. Sometime in the 20th century, the musical aspect of the city was influenced by performers like Afro-Caribbean dancer and choreographer Sylvia del Villard and Puerto Rican Danzas composer, José Enrique Pedreira. 

We Wish You Good Luck and hope you find a room at the resort closest to your preference! Feel free to write us and tell us about your condo rental in Puerto Rico.

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